An East Street Restaurant


Curry is a made-up word that means more to us in the West than it does in its traditional homes of SE Asia and the Subcontinent. It broadly describes saucy and flavour-packed dishes - eaten with lots of rice or bread. For us it is also a symbol of the complex interplay between food and culture, highlighting the importance of migrants in spreading new ideas and dishes to all corners of the globe.

Kid Curry is a rotating menu of our favourite dishes from all over Southern Asia. These renditions aim to stay true to the spirit of the original dish but are at times updated or adapted to suit our sub-tropical home.

Although Curry is at the core of what we do, our menu consists of beautiful fresh salads, meat/seafood cooked on the grill and wok-fired stir frys influenced by the Chinese migrants all throughout Southern Asia.

We have chosen to showcase a selection of wines from all over the world that work alongside these flavour-packed dishes, with a particular focus on lesser known varietals from France and Italy.